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Freeths guides SmartParc in pioneering UK low-carbon food production campus launch

Freeths guides SmartParc in pioneering UK low-carbon food production campus launch


The Energy Centre at SmartParc SEGRO Derby, officially inaugurated on February 28, 2024, stands as a trailblazing initiative and the first of its kind in the food industry

National law firm Freeths has played a crucial role in advising SmartParc on the establishment of an innovative low-carbon energy solution for a significant food production and distribution hub in Derby.

The expansive two-million-square-foot network, supported by Veolia, incorporates cutting-edge technologies to provide an essential heating and cooling system for food manufacturers. The system ingeniously recycles heat from refrigeration plants, repurposing it to heat water and offices. This ground-breaking approach is expected to significantly reduce carbon usage across storage, processing, space heating, and hygiene activities, promoting sustainable food production.

Anticipated to deliver an annual CO2e saving of approximately 27,000 tons between 2024 and 2030, the system boasts a minimum annual seasonal efficiency of 400% for tenants. This efficiency surpasses traditional gas boilers, marking a considerable advancement in environmentally conscious food production infrastructure.

Leading the advisory team, Adam Watson, Managing Partner of Freeths Bristol, expressed his enthusiasm about the innovative project, stating, "It's been a wonderful journey advising SmartParc on this innovative project, from inception to opening. The first of its kind in Britain, this community is guaranteed to be a game-changer across the sector."

The Freeths team, spearheaded by Adam Watson, included Clean Energy Partner Clare King and Associate Samantha Osborne, Banking & Finance Partner Ben Moylan, and Real Estate Managing Associate Danielle Sinclair.

This landmark launch marks another achievement in Freeths' growing portfolio of deals within the clean energy sector. The firm's involvement in pioneering projects aligns with its recent recognition through the B Corp accreditation, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and socially responsible practices.

SmartParc's Energy Centre at SEGRO Derby stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts driving innovation and sustainability within the food production industry. As the first of its kind in the UK, it sets a precedent for future developments aiming to balance economic progress with environmental responsibility.