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Freeths appointed to CHIC's legal panel

Freeths appointed to CHIC's legal panel


National firm Freeths joins CHIC's panel, offering extensive legal support in housing development

National law firm Freeths has secured a significant position on the Communities and Housing Investment Consortium’s (CHIC) legal panel, marking a strategic move to bolster its support for housing development across the UK.

The appointment allows Freeths to provide comprehensive legal services to over 250 CHIC members, encompassing critical areas such as site acquisitions, building safety, planning, and environmental compliance. With a team spread across 13 offices nationwide, Freeths is well-positioned to deliver specialised expertise and strategic counsel tailored to the unique needs of housing developers and providers.

Sarah Rowe, Freeths’ Housebuilding & Strategic Land Partner and Head of Social Housing, expressed enthusiasm about the firm's new role. "This appointment recognises our deep-rooted expertise in the social housing sector and our commitment to supporting clients amidst a challenging regulatory landscape," she stated. Rowe, appointed as the client partner for CHIC, will lead a multidisciplinary team dedicated to delivering high-quality legal solutions.

Freeths' recent accolade as Law Firm of the Year at the Insider Midlands Residential Property Awards 2024 further underscores its reputation for excellence in handling complex transactions and providing comprehensive legal services to registered providers, landowners, and developers.

For CHIC members, the collaboration with Freeths promises streamlined access to legal guidance that navigates regulatory complexities while facilitating smooth project execution. This partnership aims to empower housing initiatives across the UK, ensuring compliance with evolving legal standards and fostering sustainable community development.

As Freeths integrates into CHIC’s legal panel, the firm remains poised to drive positive outcomes in the housing sector, reinforcing its role as a trusted legal partner dedicated to achieving client success and advancing housing initiatives nationwide.

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