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Frances Coulson of Wedlake Bell inducted into Women of Restructuring Hall of Fame

Frances Coulson of Wedlake Bell inducted into Women of Restructuring Hall of Fame


This recognition, bestowed upon her by the International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation (IWIRC), highlights Frances Coulson's remarkable contributions to the field of insolvency and restructuring

Frances Coulson, esteemed member of the Insolvency Service board and Head of Insolvency & Restructuring at Wedlake Bell LLP, has been granted the prestigious honour of induction into the Women of Restructuring Hall of Fame.

Selected as an outstanding practitioner by her peers, Frances Coulson's induction marks a significant milestone as she becomes the third individual to receive this esteemed recognition. Her dedication to mentoring and supporting women professionals within the industry has not gone unnoticed, earning her praise and admiration from colleagues and leaders alike.

Dean Beale, Chief Executive of the Insolvency Service, expressed his enthusiasm for Frances Coulson's international recognition, citing her tireless efforts to uphold the UK's reputation for excellence in insolvency practices. He lauded her commitment to championing women in the sector, underscoring her role as a leading figure in the insolvency and restructuring world.

Frances Coulson's influence extends far beyond her board membership and professional role. She has chaired regulatory committees, served on charity boards, and held prestigious positions within industry associations such as R3 and INSOL Europe. Her dedication to shaping policy and improving practices underscores her commitment to advancing the field.

The induction ceremony, scheduled to take place at the IWIRC Annual Conference in Washington DC, will celebrate Frances Coulson's achievements alongside other notable professionals, including Tiffany Wong, who will receive the 2024 Woman of the Year in Restructuring Award. This acknowledgment not only honours individual accomplishments but also celebrates the collective impact of women leaders in the insolvency profession.

Karen Fellowes, Chair of IWIRC, commended Frances Coulson and Tiffany Wong as exemplary practitioners whose contributions exemplify the organisation's mission to promote the success and connectivity of women in insolvency worldwide. She praised their leadership and dedication, emphasising their influence within their communities and beyond.

Frances Coulson's induction into the Women of Restructuring Hall of Fame stands as a testament to her exceptional achievements and unwavering commitment to advancing the insolvency and restructuring sector. Her impact on the industry and her dedication to empowering women professionals serve as an inspiration to future generations.