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Former GCHQ Director General for Technology joins Cyber Monitoring Centre Technical Committee

Former GCHQ Director General for Technology joins Cyber Monitoring Centre Technical Committee


The Cyber Monitoring Centre (CMC), today announced the appointment of Gaven Smith to its Technical Committee.

The Cyber Monitoring Centre (CMC) has appointed Gaven Smith, the former Director General for Technology and Chief Technology Officer at GCHQ, to its Technical Committee. With over 30 years of experience in UK National Security, Gaven Smith brings unparalleled expertise in technology and cyber capabilities to the team.

Chair of the CMC Technical Committee, Ciaran Martin, expressed his delight at Gaven Smith's appointment, highlighting his extensive knowledge and pragmatic approach to technological security. Gaven Smith's role will be instrumental in advancing the CMC's mission of providing clarity and transparency to UK cyber events, enabling better preparedness and response strategies for organisations.

Established to analyse and categorize cyber incidents, the CMC aims to assess the widespread impact and financial implications of such events on UK organisations. Gaven Smith emphasised the importance of collaboration and information sharing in addressing cyber risks, emphasising the need for a unified approach across private and public sectors.

The CMC Technical Committee comprises leading cyber experts such as Sadie Creese, Dan Jeffery, Jamie MacColl, and Julian Williams, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table. Together, they will work towards enhancing cyber security and resilience in the UK.

Currently in an incubation phase, the CMC is focused on refining its methodology and building partnerships before publicly releasing event categorisations in 2025. This strategic approach ensures that the CMC's efforts are robust and well-informed, ultimately contributing to a safer cyber landscape for all.