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Formation of Three Seas Legal Alliance

Formation of Three Seas Legal Alliance


The Three Seas Legal Alliance member firms look forward to working with investors and with the governments and institutions involved in the Three Seas Initiative.

In recognition of the progress that is being made with the Three Seas Initiative, on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting in Bucharest on 6/7 September 2023 we are pleased to announce that a group of leading law firms from each country in the Initiative have come together to provide legal support to the Initiative and the needs of clients with regard to it. 

The law firms that have formed the Three Seas Legal Alliance (TSLA) are:  DORDA (Austria), BOYANOV & Co. (Bulgaria), Divjak Topic Bahtijarevic & Krka (Croatia), Kocián Šolc Balaštík (Czech Republic), Ellex Raidla (Estonia), Lakatos, Köves and Partners (Hungary), Ellex Klavins (Latvia), Ellex Valiunas (Lithuania), Wardynski and Partners (Poland), Nestor Nestor Diculescu Kingston Petersen (Romania), Barger Prekop (Slovakia) and Šelih & Partnerji (Slovenia). 

The TSLA member firms are all recognized internationally and experienced in cross-border cooperation, have participated together in many projects, including in essential areas in transport, energy and digitalisation. The firms will work together with three principal objectives:

  1. Supporting the development of the Three Seas Initiative in each member country. There will be a focus on ensuring both the Initiative and the member governments, institutions, and investors fully appreciate the need for top quality legal advice when considering investments pursuant to the Initiative.
  2. Raising awareness amongst the client community of the Three Seas Initiative and, as projects emerge, the legal environment surrounding, and legal support available for investments pursuant to the Three Seas Initiative.
  3. Ensuring clients have access to the best legal advice if they are considering investments in any of the member countries and which may form part of the Three Seas Initiative.