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Fletchers fortifies cycling practice with specialist appointment

Fletchers fortifies cycling practice with specialist appointment


The firm, a leading name in personal injury law, has taken a significant stride forward in bolstering its cycling accident claims division

Nadia Kerr brings to the table an impressive wealth of legal experience spanning over three decades. Her career has been defined by a steadfast commitment to representing cyclists, advocating for road safety, and championing the cause of active travel. Prior to joining Fletchers, Kerr served as the head of the cycling claims team at JMW Solicitors, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

Her passion for cycling extends beyond the courtroom, as evidenced by her active involvement in various cycling advocacy organisations. As a Trustee and Director for Cycling UK, a national cycling charity, Kerr has been at the forefront of campaigns aimed at promoting safer cycling infrastructure and securing justice for cyclists.

Kerr's accolades and contributions within the cycling community are manifold. She was recognised in Cycling UK's prestigious '100 Women in Cycling' list for her unwavering dedication to the cause. Additionally, Kerr's role as a founding member and Director of WalkRide GM underscores her commitment to fostering sustainable transportation solutions in Greater Manchester.

In her new role at Fletchers Solicitors, Kerr will lead the firm's cycling practice, including its renowned Cycle SOS brand acquired in 2022. Reporting directly to Victoria Marsden, Director of Personal Injury, Kerr is poised to spearhead initiatives aimed at securing justice for cyclists while advocating for safer road conditions.

Expressing her enthusiasm about the appointment, Kerr remarked, "I’m delighted to be joining the team at Fletchers, who have a stellar reputation as a leader in personal injury cycling accident claims. The safety of cyclists on UK roads is still of utmost concern, and I’m committed to advocating for safer cycling for vulnerable road users, as well as delivering access to justice for my clients."

Victoria Marsden, Director of Personal Injury at Fletchers Solicitors, echoed Kerr's sentiments, emphasising the firm's dedication to client-centric service and long-term reform. Marsden expressed confidence in Kerr's ability to make a meaningful impact within the firm and the broader cycling community.

With Nadia Kerr at the helm, Fletchers Solicitors is poised to continue its legacy of excellence in advocating for the rights and safety of cyclists across the UK. Kerr's appointment underscores the firm's commitment to providing expert legal representation and driving positive change within the cycling landscape.