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Fieldfisher review enhances Bar Standards Board's enforcement system

Fieldfisher review enhances Bar Standards Board's enforcement system


Fieldfisher LLP concludes its comprehensive review of the Bar Standards Board’s (BSB) enforcement system, presenting a detailed report of findings and recommendations

Appointed in 2023, Fieldfisher undertook an end-to-end evaluation of the BSB's systems, processes, and policies governing barristers' conduct.

The review acknowledges the alignment of the BSB's enforcement procedure with industry standards but proposes a series of improvements across eight key areas.

Recommendations include the establishment of a new executive role dedicated to continuous improvement of the enforcement process and enhancing knowledge management practices.

Improved communication strategies aim to clarify the BSB's role for consumers, distinguishing areas where assistance is provided and areas where it is not.

Process re-engineering and system enhancements, particularly within the Case Management System, are recommended to optimise performance.

The report advocates for changes to sections of the BSB Handbook, emphasising the need for simplified language to enhance accessibility and clarity.

BSB Director General Mark Neale expresses gratitude for the comprehensive report and commits to implementing recommendations to enhance regulatory efficiency and public confidence.

Sarah Ellson, Partner and co-head of Fieldfisher's Regulatory Team, highlights the importance of external reviews in providing stakeholders with reassurance and anticipates lasting changes resulting from the collaborative effort.

The full report is available on the BSB website, underscoring transparency and accountability in the regulatory process.