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Family Mediation Week

Family Mediation Week


Yorkshire family law practitioners encourage mediation over lengthy court battles as case closure times peak

Family Mediation Week, running from January 22nd to 26th, prompts Yorkshire family law practitioners to advocate for mediation over court cases for family matters. Hull and York-based family law firm, Rollits, conducted a review of December 2023 family court statistics, revealing a record-breaking 5-year average of 34 weeks to close private law cases (children and finance). This exceeds any previously recorded duration.

The trend continues into 2023, with the average number of weeks to conclude a private law case reaching 46 weeks in Q1 to Q3. In response, the Family Mediation Council recommends mediation, highlighting that it typically takes three to five sessions to reach an agreement, significantly faster than court proceedings.

Alison Benson, Partner and Head of Family at Rollits, emphasizes the versatility of mediation for various family issues, including parental arrangements, financial matters, prenups, and cohabitation disputes. She underlines the stress and divisiveness of family law cases, noting the financial burden and unnecessary time consumption associated with prolonged court battles.

Benson asserts that family mediation offers an impartial solution, guiding families toward resolutions that suit their unique circumstances. It not only addresses current problems but also fosters a forward-looking perspective for families, promoting a brighter and more hopeful future. The article reinforces the importance of considering mediation during Family Mediation Week, urging families to explore alternative approaches for smoother and more efficient conflict resolution.