Shanika Haynes assesses the impact of inflation on family relationships

Recent statistics released by the Home Office have revealed a dramatic, and somewhat frightening, increase in reported instances of the crime of controlling and coercive behaviour (CCB) with 39,183 crimes reported in 2021, a 57.6 per cent increase on the previous year.

However, few of these cases ever reach the criminal court and even fewer come to a conviction. In 94.4 per cent of the instances reported, the offender received no punishment for their crime. In England and Wales in 2021, only 434 people were convicted for controlling and coercive behaviour in 2021, a miniscule 0.01 per cent of the number of offences recorded by the Home Office.

The difficult reality is controlling and abusive behaviour, particularly within a r...

Shanika Haynes
Senior Solicitor
Stowe Family Law

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