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Enhancing Efficiency: NHS partners with law firm for HR services

Enhancing Efficiency: NHS partners with law firm for HR services


NHS collaborates with Capsticks law firm to streamline HR services, aiming for greater efficiency and productivity

In a bid to alleviate the burden on existing HR staff and enhance operational efficiency, the NHS has entered into a partnership with the renowned law firm Capsticks. This strategic alliance seeks to address the pressing need for comprehensive HR support within NHS organisations, allowing staff to focus on core responsibilities while ensuring compliance with employment laws and best practices.

Capsticks, reporting a notable 22% increase in profits last year, has been appointed to provide HR Advisory Services to the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) Consultancy and Advisory Services for Health. This initiative is poised to revolutionise HR management within the healthcare sector, offering tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of NHS Trusts.

Under the contract commencing on 18th March 2024, Capsticks will collaborate with NHS SBS on Lot 7: HR and Employment, Skills, and Training. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards streamlining HR processes and enhancing service delivery across NHS organisations.

NHS SBS, a joint venture between the NHS and IT services company Sopra Steria, aims to provide comprehensive support services to NHS entities, including accounting, procurement, payroll, and managed IT. The inclusion of HR services within the framework is poised to create time efficiencies and deliver value for money, thereby benefiting NHS Trusts nationwide.

Shradha Shukla, Senior Category Manager at NHS SBS, emphasised the importance of the Consultancy and Advisory Services for Health Framework Agreement in meeting the specific needs of the healthcare sector. With a diverse range of suppliers, the framework ensures accessibility to high-quality HR services tailored to the requirements of NHS organisations.

Claire Shaw, Head of HR Advisory at Capsticks, expressed her delight at being appointed onto this prestigious framework. Leveraging Capsticks' extensive experience in the healthcare sector spanning over 40 years, Shaw affirmed their commitment to supporting the NHS in achieving its goals efficiently and effectively.

Capsticks' HR Advisory Service offers a comprehensive suite of services, including day-to-day employee relations management and strategic consultancy. By embedding HR solutions within a legal framework, Capsticks ensures compliance with employment laws while delivering cost-effective and practical solutions to NHS clients.

Ultimately, Capsticks aims to be the firm of choice for organisations dedicated to making a difference, aligning its services with the unique challenges faced by the healthcare sector. With a steadfast commitment to putting people first and embracing innovation, Capsticks stands poised to revolutionise HR management within the NHS, driving greater efficiency and productivity across the board.

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