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Ellis Jones Solicitors recovers £6m in gambling losses, highlights targeting of women by betting companies

Ellis Jones Solicitors recovers £6m in gambling losses, highlights targeting of women by betting companies


The firm, on reaching the £6m milestone in recovering losses for clients, warns of gambling industry targeting women

Ellis Jones Solicitors has achieved a significant milestone, recouping £6 million in losses for clients affected by the failings of betting operators. The firm's 14-strong Betting and Gaming Disputes Team has witnessed a concerning trend of betting companies targeting women, particularly through bingo-style online sites.

Paul Kanolik, Partner and head of the Betting and Gaming Disputes Team, highlights the devastating impact of gambling addiction, stressing that lives are at stake. The firm has handled numerous cases resulting in severe mental health issues, relationship breakdowns, and financial ruin for both gamblers and their loved ones.

The majority of Ellis Jones' cases involve online betting, with vulnerable gamblers often allowed to continue betting despite clear signs of addiction or financial distress. One notable case from 2019 saw the recovery of over £100,000 for a 32-year-old man, representing 89% of his net losses.

While historically most clients have been men, Ellis Jones has observed a rising number of cases involving women, attributed to the industry's efforts to target female gamblers. The feminisation of certain sites and advertisements, particularly in bingo, has contributed to this trend.

Paul emphasises the need for government action following the closure of a gambling white paper consultation period. Despite increasing awareness of gambling addiction, more support and regulation are essential to address the harm caused by the industry.

Ellis Jones' Betting and Gaming Disputes Team, comprising partners Paul Kanolik and William Fox Bregman, along with senior associate solicitor Tim McMahon and solicitor Daniel Lewis, remains committed to assisting individuals and businesses affected by gambling-related issues. The firm's efforts aim to provide financial relief and support clients in moving forward from their gambling struggles.