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EIP welcomes new managing partner in Denver office

EIP welcomes new managing partner in Denver office


The leading patent law firm, announces a significant transition as Eric Williams assumes the role of Managing Partner succeeding Leigh Augustine

With almost twenty years of experience as a Patent Attorney, Eric Williams brings a wealth of expertise in patent procurement, due diligence, litigation support, and strategic client counselling across diverse technological domains.

Williams' appointment underscores EIP's commitment to providing top-tier patent services in key markets, as the first UK patent law firm with an established presence in the US. The integration of US and UK offices ensures seamless support for clients with intellectual property interests spanning both continents.

Expressing enthusiasm for his new role, Eric Williams emphasises his dedication to upholding the firm's legacy of delivering strategic advice to clients. He looks forward to building upon Augustine's foundation, recognising the strength of their tight-knit team.

Magnus Hallin, CEO of EIP, acknowledges Augustine's contributions and expresses confidence in Eric Williams' ability to lead the Denver office. Augustine's transition to an academic role at the University of Colorado Boulder signifies a new chapter for him, while maintaining a close advisory relationship with EIP.

Reflecting on his tenure, Leigh Augustine highlights the collaborative spirit and commitment to innovation that defines EIP's culture. He extends his best wishes to Eric Williams, confident in his ability to sustain and expand upon the firm's values.

As Eric Williams assumes leadership, EIP continues its mission of providing exceptional patent services, poised for further growth and success under his guidance.