Despite escaping the worst effects of the downturn, changes in the legal and economic climate have encouraged East Anglia firms to review their strategies and explore new avenues to prosperity. Jean-Yves Gilg reports

East Anglia has been lucky. This time last year the credit crunch was merely brushing past the region. With no heavy industry to speak of, it also seems to have escaped the more brutal effects of the recession experienced in other parts of Britain. Could it be that, immutable as it is depicted in ITV’s series Kingdom, legal life in East Anglia has just carried on in the way it has for generations, untouched by the economic maelstrom?

Firms in the south of the region, those closest to London, the epicentre of the economic earthquake, were the most exposed to the tremors. They have undoubtedly suffered but appear to have resisted remarkably well.

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Jean Yves


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