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Druces Facilitates Sale of Unifii Global Holdings Limited to Inetum

Druces Facilitates Sale of Unifii Global Holdings Limited to Inetum


The acquisition involved Bain Capital-backed Inetum, a digital services and solutions company operating across more than 27 countries

Druces, a prominent law firm, has played a pivotal role in advising the sell-side during the acquisition of Unifii Global Holdings, a distinguished technology consultancy and the largest independent Elite Partner of ServiceNow in the United Kingdom & Ireland. 

Corporate partner Antony Cotton, alongside corporate senior associate Claire Rigby, spearheaded the expert team at Druces responsible for advising on this transaction. The team's composition also included corporate solicitor Cheryl Michalik, corporate tax partner Paul White, employment partner Phillip Vallon, and commercial partner Neil Pfister.

Mike Glock and Stephen Mamelok, the Founders and Managing Directors of Unifii, commended the expertise and dedication of the Druces team in facilitating this deal. They emphasized the exceptional support provided by Antony, Claire, and the entire team at Druces. Their unwavering responsiveness and commitment ensured the successful completion of the deal, overcoming challenges encountered during the process. The founders praised the team's commercial acumen and practical approach, acknowledging it as instrumental to the deal's success.

Antony Cotton expressed his satisfaction in collaborating with the sellers, Mike, Steve, and others involved in the deal, underscoring the pleasure of assisting them in finalizing the transaction. He conveyed Druces' anticipation in nurturing an ongoing relationship with the sellers, observing and supporting Unifii's future growth and progression.

The deal highlighted the comprehensive capabilities of Druces, showcasing proficiency across various practice areas such as corporate, employment, tax, commercial, and real estate. This multidisciplinary expertise underscores the firm's ability to provide comprehensive support to clients, particularly in navigating complex transactions of this nature.

The successful sale of Unifii Global Holdings Limited to Inetum stands as a testament to Druces' depth of knowledge and proficiency in diverse legal domains. The firm's commitment to delivering pragmatic, commercially-focused legal counsel was pivotal in steering this significant transaction to a successful close.


Photo: By Tony Hisgett -, CC BY 2.0,

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