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Doorway Capital launches new product: the Shelf Facility

Doorway Capital launches new product: the Shelf Facility


A new funding solution to help law firms looking to make acquisitions

Doorway Capital, a specialist in legal funding solutions, has launched a new funding product designed to support law firms looking for M&A opportunities to achieve their growth ambitions.

The Shelf Facility provides a firm with pre-agreed access to funding - the facility is fully underwritten and documented in advance of being required, with funds being made available as they are needed.  This structure allows firms to actively pursue acquisition opportunities in the knowledge that they can act swiftly and decisively when they find the right target.

The product is an extension of the flexible solutions Doorway Capital has been offering law firms since 2015, including funding for the merger of Moore Blatch and Barlow Robins, and various acquisitions made by AWH Solicitors, Simpson Millar and other firms.

“Doorway Capital’s new shelf facility is a gamechanger” says Abdul Hussain, Chief Executive of AWH Solicitors.  “It means that we can secure access to additional funds when we find a suitable investment opportunity in the M&A market without having to wait on credit approval.”

The launch comes in response to increased demand from across the sector, with leading M&A broker, Acquira Professional Services, reporting more than 60 M&A deals in 2023 to date, with a spike expected shortly to coincide with the PII renewal season.

“Over the last 18 months, law firms have increasingly asked Doorway for a funding commitment that can be established in advance of needing to draw upon it” says Steve Din, founder of Doorway Capital“The catalyst for this is, undoubtedly, the desire for law firms to make acquisitions and ensuring acquisition funding is available to be drawn, often, at very short notice.”