Antonia Mee and Peter Burgess summarise Burgess Mee’s latest seminar

As family lawyers will testify, coercive or controlling behaviour (CCB) is an element in many cases, whether clients are victims or facing allegations. Burgess Mee recently hosted a seminar on this increasingly prevalent issue.

The offence

Since the offence came into force in December 2015, the volume of cases reported to police has jumped from 4,246 in 2016/2017 to 24,856 in 2019/20 and will undoubtedly rise further when the new definition of ‘personal connection’ takes effect. As Danielle Reece-Greenhalgh, criminal defence partner at Corker Binning, explained, the scope of the offence is being expanded to include people previously in an intimate relationship but no longer living together, meanin...

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