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DLA Piper launches "One Global Community" programme

DLA Piper launches "One Global Community" programme


DLA Piper introduces a global initiative, the One Global Community programme, to boost collaboration and networking

DLA Piper, a leading global law firm, has unveiled the One Global Community programme, aimed at strengthening strategic alignment, integration, and collaboration across its extensive global network. This initiative aligns with the firm's strategy of seamless collaboration among practice groups and sector teams to enhance knowledge sharing and networking, ultimately delivering best-in-class services to clients.

The programme involves hosting a series of cross-practice and cross-sector spin-off events linked to 13 well-established conferences worldwide. These events are designed to foster connections and relationships with clients, leveraging the firm's global footprint.

The inaugural client event under the One Global Community programme took place in Madrid, attracting over 300 clients representing various business sectors. Discussions during the event ranged from the firm's presence in the LatAm market to in-depth conversations about significant challenges impacting businesses operating across LatAm. Clients and firm representatives delved into key challenges and strategies for future-proofing legal functions.

Dr. Olaf Schmidt, Managing Director, Practice Groups, emphasized the program's role in supporting the firm's alignment strategy. By prioritizing networking with clients, DLA Piper aims to position itself to provide comprehensive legal support to clients facing challenges across various countries.

Sandra Wallace, co-Managing Director, UK & Europe, highlighted the programme's focus on addressing clients' major challenges, such as supply chains, artificial intelligence, and energy transition. The One Global Community program reflects DLA Piper's commitment to fostering global collaboration and addressing the evolving needs of its diverse client base.