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Delay in Final Report of the Infected Blood Inquiry

Delay in Final Report of the Infected Blood Inquiry


Responding to the news from the Infected Blood Inquiry today that Sir Brian Langstaff and his team now expect to publish their Final Report in March 2024, rather than this autumn.

Des Collins, Senior Partner of Collins Solicitors who represents some 1500 individuals and their families impacted by the infected blood scandal, comments: "This is another devastating blow for our clients, although the delay is understandable for the reasons Sir Brian has outlined. We, of course, respect Sir Brian's wishes to follow due process and produce a thorough and considered report, however, today's news does beg the glaring question of whether the Government will continue to stick to its line of compensation after delivery of the Final report.

"Victims are dying at a rate of one in every four days so another 6 months plus will be too late for many and given this week's announcement of a compensation scheme for wrongfully convicted Postmasters, ahead of the Final report into that scandal, it seems doubly unfair that infected blood victims are still being made to wait.*

"We call upon the Government to implement a proper compensation scheme for infected blood victims as soon as possible, as recommended by Sir Brian in April this year. If the Government fails to do so, we fully expect to be instructed by our clients to restore the Group Action against the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care and ask that the question of compensation be referred back to the Court."