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Polly Blenkin

Partner, Millberg

Defective Components Legal Claim

Defective Components Legal Claim

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Balance Legal Capital funds UK group claim against Jaguar Land Rover for alleged defective components

Balance Legal Capital is supporting owners of Jaguar Land Rover cars in a UK group claim following widespread complaints of performance issues, including with regard to diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. Jaguar Land Rover customers who purchased a diesel vehicle (new or used) from October 2014 onwards may be eligible for compensation. 

Balance is partnering with Milberg London LLP to bring the group claim against Jaguar Land Rover and others involved. This group action claims the company owes those affected over £3bn due to defective components present in a range of their diesel cars, including diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. Over 500,000 new car owners and hundreds of thousands of pre-owned car owners may be eligible to make a claim. If the case is successful, claimants could receive an estimated £3,000 to £16,000 each in compensation.

Robert Rothkopf, Managing Partner of Balance Legal Capital, says: “At Balance, we are proud to empower consumers such as the purchasers of some Jaguar Land Rover cars to vindicate their rights and to make a positive impact by holding corporations to account.”

Polly Blenkin, Partner at Milberg and lead litigator on the claim says: “Jaguar Land Rover is a luxury brand, and their customers are promised quality. We’ve learned, however, that UK Drivers are used to seeing DPF warning lights on their dashboard and are struggling with the consequences of defects we believe exist in these vehicles, the most extreme of which can be a car switching into ‘limp mode’. We are seeking redress for those who we believe have not only been misled by Jaguar Land Rover but are out of pocket and have been put at risk by the company as a result of these defects.”

Following widespread complaints by car owners, the claim alleges the vehicles in question are defective in their design and can cause significant on-road safety and performance issues for drivers. These defects may also cause accelerated engine wear resulting in customers needing to pay additional costs for repairs and servicing, including in some cases engine replacement.