Conveyancing Association urges member firms to endorse Home Buying and Selling Group pledges for property stakeholders

The Conveyancing Association (CA) has urged its member firms to endorse a series of home buying and selling pledges for property stakeholders.

The pledges have been put together by the Home Buying and Selling Group (HBSG) and all those who sign-up, will be encouraged to follow-them and urge other stakeholders to do the same.

The pledges are designed to encourage a more streamlined home purchase/sale process, which will cut down on the average time taken to complete a transaction – currently 20 weeks.

The process also offers purchasers the best chance of taking advantage of the government’s stamp duty holiday which runs out at the end of March 2021.

The pledges – which only apply in England a...

Hannah Gannagé-Stewart
Deputy Editor
Solicitors Journal

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