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Complete Clarity Solicitors pioneers a condensed work week

Complete Clarity Solicitors pioneers a condensed work week


Progressive Scottish law firm introduces four-day work week for enhanced wellbeing

In a ground-breaking move within the Scottish legal sector, Glasgow-headquartered law firm Complete Clarity Solicitors and Simplicity Legal is leading the way by piloting a condensed four-day work week for its staff. This initiative reflects the firm's commitment to prioritising colleague wellbeing as a crucial element of both commercial and professional success.

Founded 14 years ago by Co-Founder and Director Billy Smith, the firm has consistently sought to differentiate itself by adopting unconventional practices and attracting talented individuals who value a healthy work/life balance.

In an industry known for its long and demand-driven hours, the introduction of a four-day work week is a notable departure from tradition. The trial involves staff working a similar number of hours but having the option to take either Mondays or Fridays off. This move aligns with the growing trend advocating for a reduced workweek, citing benefits such as decreased burnout and increased performance and profitability for firms.

Co-Founder and fellow solicitor Emma King expressed the firm's hope that offering a condensed week as an option will empower the team to achieve the best possible work/life balance. The trial is set to run for six months, and initial responses have been overwhelmingly positive. Out of the 31 eligible staff members, 22, or 71% of the workforce, have chosen to participate.

From a business perspective, the condensed week not only addresses staff satisfaction but also allows the firm to enhance client services by extending its opening hours. The firm is now operational from 8 am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Thursday.

Instead of the conventional five-day workweek from 9 am to 5 pm, staff members can opt to work from 8 am to 6 pm on Tuesday to Thursday and from 8 am to 5 pm on either Monday or Friday, providing a full day off.

Emma King emphasized the importance of job satisfaction, referencing a recent Law Society report, "Profile of the Profession," which highlighted that 42% of lawyers considered leaving the profession for reasons other than retirement, with 45% aspiring to achieve a better work/life balance.

Staff members who have embraced the condensed week share their positive experiences. Senior Solicitor Susan Grierson-Rattray values the extra time for family and chores, while Associate Solicitor Kara MacGregor-Duke sees it as an opportunity to spend quality time with family, particularly during winter weather.

Senior Solicitor Scott Stevenson plans to use the extra day for personal activities such as going to the gym, playing golf, and catching up with friends. Solicitor Morgan Perrie looks forward to fully enjoying weekends and utilizing Mondays for essential life tasks.

This initiative is the latest in a series of innovative approaches by Complete Clarity Solicitors, known for its non-traditional recruitment process and preference for conversations with potential team members to identify their contributions to the firm. The firm's age profile is notably young, with a commitment to promoting from within, reflecting its forward-thinking ethos.