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Climate change adaptation strategy 2024: MOJ

Climate change adaptation strategy 2024: MOJ


The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) reaffirms its commitment to climate resilience amidst evident climate changes worldwide

The MoJ's proactive stance, evident since the pioneering Climate Change Adaptation Strategy of 2020, highlights the gravity of escalating climate risks. Updating its strategy and internal plans, the MoJ ensures a more robust response to evolving climate challenges, fostering adaptability across its operations.

Scope and Vision

Encompassing MoJ, its agencies, and public bodies, the strategy underscores inclusivity, engaging stakeholders at all levels. Bolstered by a vision to create adaptive systems, the MoJ seeks to fortify its infrastructure against climate-induced hazards, safeguarding justice services for all.

Urgency for Action

Recognisng the inevitability of further climate changes, the MoJ emphasises the imperative for adaptation. Global examples of climate-related economic burdens underscore the need for proactive resilience-building measures. Investing in adaptation not only mitigates risks but also yields substantial economic benefits, as evidenced by research findings.

The Path Forward

Aligned with IPCC guidelines, the MoJ's adaptation strategy prioritises resilience against both present and anticipated climate impacts. As a trailblaiser in climate adaptation within the justice sector, the MoJ vows to continuously enhance its understanding of climate risks, forging partnerships, and integrating climate resilience into its operational framework.

Continuous Evolution

With adaptation being an ongoing process, the MoJ pledges to review and refine its strategy periodically, ensuring alignment with evolving climate science and government commitments. Such iterative measures are pivotal in sustaining resilience amidst dynamic climate scenarios.

In conclusion, the MoJ's Climate Change Adaptation Strategy embodies a proactive approach to climate resilience, vital for safeguarding justice services amidst a changing climate landscape.

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