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Clarke Willmott's Stacey Collins Joins National YRes Committee

Clarke Willmott's Stacey Collins Joins National YRes Committee


Stacey Collins from Clarke Willmott LLP appointed to YRes, promoting constructive family law resolutions

Stacey Collins, a trainee legal executive at Clarke Willmott LLP, has been welcomed onto the committee of YRes, an integral segment of Resolution, focusing on nurturing family law professionals in the early stages of their careers.

YRes, the junior counterpart to Resolution, plays a vital role in ensuring that budding family law practitioners are actively involved in Resolution's efforts to promote constructive approaches to resolving family law matters.

Collins' appointment involves contributing to the implementation of Resolution’s code of practice and encouraging fellow family lawyers to engage with the committee. With 23 years of expertise in family law, Collins collaborates closely with Clarke Willmott partners Rayner Grice, Caroline Young, and Adam Maguire, who serves as the current Chair of Resolution West Midlands.

Expressing her enthusiasm for joining the YRes committee, Collins highlighted her commitment to facilitating an environment where junior members can share experiences, address concerns, and foster their skills and knowledge in a supportive community.

Collins reiterated Clarke Willmott's belief in employing non-confrontational approaches to resolve family law disputes, emphasizing that such methods often yield better outcomes for separating families and their children. She applauded Resolution’s dedication to supporting lawyers and clients in adopting this approach and expressed her delight in contributing to this endeavor.

Resolution boasts a membership of 6,500 family law professionals committed to fostering constructive resolutions within families. Since its inception in 1982, the organisation has also been actively advocating for enhancements within the family justice system.