The digital integration of ADR is going shape the future of civil justice, says Tony Guise  

Civil Procedure Revolution: The New Rules for Witness Statements is the title of a recent webinar about the changes introduced on 6 April 2021 for witness statements in the Business and Property Courts. 

Taken alone, that reform might be described as recognition rather than revolution as the Practice Direction (57AC) reflects law that has been good since at least 2013 (the decision of Leggatt, J., as he was, in Gestmin SGPR S.A. v Credit Suisse (UK) Ltd [2013] EWHC 3560) about the fallibility of human memory. 

ADR integration

Revolution-seekers need look no further than the movement to integrate alternative dispute resolution (ADR) into civil justice. This reform has greater potential t...

Tony Guise

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