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CILEx Regulation Limited unveils ambitious 2024 corporate plan

CILEx Regulation Limited unveils ambitious 2024 corporate plan


CILEx Regulation Limited's 2024 plan outlines goals, emphasizing innovation, fair access, and independent regulation for professionals

CILEx Regulation Limited (CRL) has launched its 2024 Corporate Plan, unveiling an ambitious roadmap for the next twelve months and providing a glimpse into the strategic direction beyond 2025. The plan, released today, encompasses a comprehensive strategy that reflects the organization's commitment to serving the interests of consumers, promoting high professional standards, and fostering a diverse and effective legal profession.

In 2024, CRL aims to build on its core functions, including authorization, supervision, and enforcement regulatory activities. The organization is dedicated to refining and enhancing the delivery of its services, aligning them with the three strategic objectives outlined in the plan. These objectives focus on safeguarding consumer interests, upholding professional standards, and cultivating a legal profession that is both diverse and efficient.

Jonathan Rees, the Independent Chair of CRL, expressed confidence in the organization's approach and the support it receives from the regulated community. Rees emphasized the importance of maintaining an independent regulatory system for CILEX professionals, a sentiment echoed by a majority of respondents in the 'Specialist Regulation for the Future of an Independent Profession' consultation held last year.

Rees highlighted the uniqueness and diversity of the individuals regulated by CRL, emphasizing the need for a regulatory system grounded in their experiences and expertise. He stressed that any regulatory changes should be transparent, evidence-based, and responsive to the genuine needs of consumers to ensure quality and value for money.

The Corporate Plan outlines CRL's commitment to innovation in regulatory practices. The organization aims to achieve full financial and operational independence while exploring innovative models to minimize the regulatory burden. Additionally, CRL is dedicated to championing fair access and enhancing consumer information to improve accessibility to legal services.

Looking back at 2023, the plan acknowledges achievements that have kept CRL's progress on track despite resource diversions to address CILEX's proposals for regulatory responsibility re-delegation to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

As CRL sets its sights on the future, a consultation on a draft corporate strategy for 2025-2027 is planned for the spring of this year. This strategic initiative involves engaging key stakeholders, including CILEX members, to ensure a collective and informed approach to shaping the future of independent legal profession regulation.

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