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Suzanne Townley

News Editor, Solicitors Journal

CILEX announce record pass rate for CPQ students

CILEX announce record pass rate for CPQ students


No significant difference was found between the performance of candidates with different diversity characteristics

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX) today (22 August) published the results of its latest CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ) assessments. 83 per cent of students passed assessments as part of the first stage of the new qualification.

In June, 294 students from across England and Wales sat assessments which formed the first step in the Foundation stage of the CPQ, aligned to the role of paralegal/case handler. This is the first stage for school leavers, non-law graduates and professionals without legal experience, who want to eventually become fully qualified CILEX Lawyers.

Nine of the cohort have now completed the further assessments and practice experience needed for the CPQ's Foundation stage and have qualified as CILEX Paralegals and can go on to study for the CPQ Advanced stage.

The Advanced stage results were also published today, with an overall pass rate of 57 per cent. Those who complete the Advanced stage of the CPQ will be qualified as CILEX Advanced Paralegals and as Trainee CILEX Lawyers can go onto study the CPQ Professional stage.

The CPQ was launched in February 2021 with the aim of producing uniquely qualified, specialist legal professionals with the skills to meet the changing demands of the modern legal market. It builds on CILEX’s core propositions of accessibility, affordability and flexibility, offering both graduates and those who did not attend university the opportunity to practise law at the highest level.

CILEX announced there was no significant difference between the performance of candidates with different diversity characteristics: 84 per cent of white candidates passed compared to 75 per cent of Black, Asian and minority ethnic group students, and 73 per cent of men passed compared to 85 per cent of female candidates.

CILEX CEO, Linda Ford, said: “Congratulations to all those students who are receiving positive news today. Those passing assessments have been successful in the first step of their journey towards a rewarding legal career and progressing to the next stage of the CPQ.  Gaining both legal knowledge and practice-based experience provides them with a competitive edge in the legal market and makes them an attractive proposition for employers.”