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Nicola Laver

Editor, Solicitors Journal




Increasing numbers of people are leaving charitable legacies in their wills, according to Remember A Charity. A study commissioned by the organisation found 27 per cent of individuals aged 40 or older have left, or are considering leaving, a charitable gift in their wills compared to around 21 per cent in 2010. The study also showed a much greater awareness of leaving legacies than in the past few years. The number of solicitors and will writers raising the issue with clients also reached an all-time high with 68 per cent always or sometimes mentioning the option of legacies. Rob Cope, director of Remember A Charity, said: 'Solicitors and will-writers play a key role in raising awareness about charitable bequests, communicating the tax benefits and the ease of leaving a legacy, while ensuring that clients' families and friends are taken care of. With the public demonstrating greater appetite for gifts in Wills, it's all the more important that legal advisers support clients by offering the relevant information and guidance.' 11 March