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CG Professional growth continues with launch new HR service

CG Professional growth continues with launch new HR service


CG Professional, the revolutionary law firm, have launched their latest product Blue Circle HR by CG, a dynamic HR consultancy service designed to complement and expand upon CG’s offering

Blue Circle focuses on strategic and operational HR support to help drive improved compliance, performance and growth, providing businesses of all sizes with tailored solutions to their HR needs. 

Blue Circle offers packages centred on four key service lines, available on both a retained basis or via ad-hoc delivery: 

  • People Administration: Offering comprehensive HR administration services, Blue Circle helps businesses streamline their administrative functions, including contracts, handbooks, and data management, alleviating the burden on in-house HR teams. 
  • People Management: Takes an in-depth approach to HR, collaborating closely with leadership teams to develop and implement policies and procedures, ensuring hands-on support for clients, whether they have an existing HR team or not. 
  • People Projects: Engages in strategic projects, assisting clients in crafting effective people strategies, managing issues related to retention, recruitment, system implementations, mergers and acquisitions. 
  • People Training: Offers customised management and leadership skills training programs, tailoring their offerings to meet each client's unique needs, whether it's a one-off workshop or ongoing coaching for managers and teams. 

James Robb, Head of People Services at Blue Circle, said: “We distinguish ourselves by aligning closely with clients, providing tailored commercial solutions rather than off-the-shelf products. We work really hard to understand the individual needs of each business and ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders, including employees.” 

Blue Circle is part of the CG product portfolio which allows them to seamlessly provide additional services, such as legal advice when necessary, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive, consistent support for both HR and legal matters. 

James continued: “The COVID-19 pandemic brought home to many businesses the importance of effective HR management. CG saw a growing demand from their existing clients for more than the employment law work they provide, and Blue Circle HR was born out of that demand.  

“With businesses realising the need for expert guidance in managing their people experiences, the consultancy offers a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house HR professionals. By working with Blue Circle, clients gain access to a team of experts who bring a wealth of experience and a network of resources to the table.”