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Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors acquires Nicholson Portnell

Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors acquires Nicholson Portnell


A strategic deal between Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors and Nicholson Portnell Solicitors bolsters legal expertise in the North East

Cumbrian-headquartered Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors has finalised the acquisition of Northumberland-based Nicholson Portnell Solicitors, marking a significant consolidation in the legal landscape. This merger aims to enhance the array of legal services offered by both firms, amplifying their capacity to serve their expanding clientele effectively.

With Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors already having a presence in Northumberland through its office in Haltwhistle, this acquisition further solidifies its foothold in the North East. Alongside its five well-established offices across Cumbria, located in Carlisle City Centre, Rosehill Industrial Estate in Carlisle, Cockermouth, Penrith, and Brampton, the combined entity is poised to deliver comprehensive legal solutions across the region.

The amalgamation promises manifold benefits for existing Nicholson Portnell clients and the wider North East community. Clients can now access an extended range of legal expertise and resources, including specialized services in agriculture, employment, dispute resolution, private client matters, business services, and family law.

Peter Stafford, Managing Director of Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors, expressed enthusiasm about the merger, highlighting the shared values and vision driving this collaboration. He emphasized the significance of this milestone in enhancing the firms' presence in the Tyne Valley and Northumberland, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional legal services.

Nicholson Portnell's Senior Partner, Richard Nelson, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the alignment of values and ethos between the two firms. He conveyed excitement about the opportunities presented by joining forces with Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors, particularly in fostering staff welfare and career progression.

The integration of Nicholson Portnell into Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors marks a new chapter for both entities, rooted in a shared commitment to client-centric service and professional excellence. With a combined team of over 90 legal professionals, Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors is positioned to continue its legacy of providing top-tier legal assistance to clients across Cumbria, Northumberland, and beyond.

Notably, Nicholson Portnell, currently employing 26 staff members, will continue its operations from its Hexham office, ensuring continuity and accessibility for its clients.

The synergy between Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors and Nicholson Portnell heralds a promising future, characterized by enhanced legal services, strengthened regional presence, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction.


  • Nicholson Portnell Senior Partner Richard Nelson with Cartmell Shepherd Solicitors’ Managing Director Peter Stafford.
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