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Capsticks unveils new Manchester office emphasising flexibility and wellbeing

Capsticks unveils new Manchester office emphasising flexibility and wellbeing


Capsticks opens a modern Manchester office prioritizing flexibility, wellness, and expanded client support services

Capsticks, a leading legal firm, has officially inaugurated its latest flagship office in Manchester, situated on the 4th floor of Clarence House. This strategic relocation from Chorley to Central Manchester aims to provide the Capsticks team with a purpose-built office conducive to flexible working arrangements.

The move to a more central location is geared towards enhancing support for both existing and potential clients across the North West region. The expanded office space will not only accommodate the existing team but also facilitate future growth, enabling the firm to offer a broader spectrum of services, particularly aimed at supporting clients striving to make a meaningful impact.

Focused on promoting wellbeing, the newly refurbished office layout emphasizes optimal working conditions. The design includes a vibrant open-plan workspace, fostering collaboration and equipped with designated areas for meetings and state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms.

This relocation signifies the second among five Capsticks offices designed to optimize hybrid working conditions, following last year's Birmingham office move.

Martin Hamilton, Managing Partner at Capsticks, highlighted the new Manchester office's role in facilitating the firm's growth in the North West. The design aligns with Capsticks' ethos of 'flexibility by default,' fostering a fresh and bright environment conducive to different working styles.

Paul Lloyd, Partner and Head of the Manchester office, emphasized the office's significance in reinforcing the firm's commitment to the region and enhancing client services through modern facilities and increased space.

Jude Cragg, Director of HR, emphasized how the new office reflects Capsticks' commitment to North West growth, acknowledging Manchester's standing as a hub for professional services recruitment.

Capsticks aims to be the preferred legal partner for organizations committed to making a difference. Their core values of prioritizing people, ethical practices, and forward-thinking guide their approach, ensuring tailored and innovative solutions to sector-specific challenges while fostering a cohesive and client-focused legal team.