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Capsticks continues partnership with VIVID

Capsticks continues partnership with VIVID


Capsticks' renewed tenure with VIVID solidifies their longstanding relationship, providing comprehensive legal support

Capsticks, a prominent legal firm, has received a reappointment onto the legal services framework of housing association VIVID, marking the continuation of a substantial and enduring partnership. The relationship between Capsticks and VIVID extends back to VIVID's inception through a merger in 2017. Additionally, Capsticks had previously represented First Wessex for an extended period.

The renewed appointment, effective from October 2023 for a four-year term, reaffirms Capsticks' position as a key legal advisor to VIVID. Capsticks secured success across all designated segments, notably securing exclusive provider status for lots 3 (Housing and Leasehold) and 5 (Disrepair) within the framework.

VIVID stands as a prominent provider of affordable housing and comprehensive support services across the southern region of England. As the sixth largest developer of new homes among housing associations in England, VIVID constructed 1,390 homes in 2022. Managing 34,000 homes and catering to over 74,000 customers across Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, and West Sussex, VIVID holds a significant presence in the affordable housing sector.

Susie Rogers, a Partner at Capsticks, emphasized the firm's expertise in representing numerous registered providers. She highlighted Capsticks' profound understanding of the sector's complexities and expressed confidence in meeting VIVID's needs effectively. Rogers stated that the reappointment signifies VIVID's trust in Capsticks' capabilities, allowing VIVID to focus on positively impacting the communities it serves.

Capsticks' overarching goal is to be the preferred legal partner for organizations striving to make a positive impact. Their commitment lies in providing innovative and practical solutions tailored to the unique challenges within their sectors. With a unified approach and shared values of prioritizing people, ethical conduct, and forward-thinking strategies, Capsticks aims to continue its support in enabling VIVID's community-focused endeavors.

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