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Capsticks announces record number of promotions

Capsticks announces record number of promotions


The firm commemorates the new financial year with a remarkable 47 promotions.

Capsticks, a prominent law firm specialising in healthcare, housing, and regeneration sectors, has marked the beginning of the new financial year with an extraordinary achievement – a record-breaking 47 promotions across its legal and business service teams. These promotions include advancements to Equity Partners, Partners, Legal Directors, Principal Associates, Senior Associates, and Senior Paralegals.

Rachael Heenan, Senior Partner at Capsticks, expressed her delight, emphasising the significance of these promotions in the careers of their team members. She emphasised the importance of celebrating such milestones, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of everyone at Capsticks in supporting organisations striving to make a difference.

Among the notable promotions are two Equity Partners, Mary Mundy and Spencer Vella Sultana, who have made significant contributions to the firm's success. Mary Mundy, specialising in Corporate & Commercial law, will continue to lead the firm's procurement practice and serve as the Deputy Head of the Healthcare sector. Spencer Vella Sultana, renowned for his expertise in Housing & Regeneration, will lead a substantial practice nationally and oversee the Capsticks Winchester office.

Additionally, three individuals – Jeremy Loran, Jonathan Lewis, and Nalton Stembari – will be promoted to Salaried Partners, effective from May 1, 2024. These promotions reflect Capsticks' commitment to recognising talent and nurturing leadership within the firm.

The promotions extend beyond legal roles, with six individuals recognised for their contributions across Central Business Services. Andrew Cackett, Aurélie Da Silva, Faizal Goolab, Julian Lenkiewicz, Sarah Southward, and Sophie Edge have been promoted, reflecting Capsticks' dedication to fostering expertise across all aspects of its operations.

Furthermore, 13 Principal Associates have been elevated in recognition of their skills and contributions across various sectors, including Real Estate, Housing Management, Claims, and Regulatory law.

Capsticks has also acknowledged the achievements of its Senior Associates and Senior Paralegals, with promotions across different practice areas and office locations.

These promotions underscore Capsticks' commitment to talent development, diversity, and excellence across its legal and business service teams, positioning the firm for continued growth and success in the future.