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Capsticks, advises London & Quadrant Housing Trust in a £24 million housing sale

Capsticks, advises London & Quadrant Housing Trust in a £24 million housing sale


Capsticks facilitates £24 Million housing deal benefitting London and North Kent communities

In a strategic move, Capsticks has supported London & Quadrant Housing Trust (L&Q) in the sale of 292 homes for over £24 million. The buyer, MHS Homes Group, executed the purchase through Heart of Medway Housing Association Limited (HoM). This transaction is set to empower L&Q with capital for reinvestment in its core housing neighbourhoods in London, while facilitating MHS's expansion in North Kent communities.

Evonne Clarke, Strategic Head of Stock Rationalisation at L&Q, expressed gratitude for Capsticks' adept handling of the legal intricacies in securing the deal. The efficiency of the process allows L&Q to channel efforts and investment into key growth areas, enhancing services and community amenities for residents.

Susie Rogers, Partner and project lead at Capsticks, highlighted the significance of this substantial project, both in scale and the positive impact on communities in London and North Kent. Working alongside Rogers on this project was Kayleigh Bradford, an Associate in Capsticks’ Housing and Regeneration Division.

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