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Caira: Privacy-First AI Platform for Legal Support in Family Court Matters

Caira: Privacy-First AI Platform for Legal Support in Family Court Matters


Caira, an AI aiding family court matters, prioritizes privacy while offering expert legal assistance affordably

Caira, an innovative AI-driven platform tailored for the family court system in England and Wales, aims to democratize legal expertise previously accessible only at high costs. The platform, mirroring the proficiency of a King's Counsel, seeks to simplify child arrangement orders and alleviate emotional burdens for parents, all for a modest monthly fee instead of the customary £2,500/hour rate.

Launched in beta mode in November 2023 and accessible without registration, Caira stands out in comparison to other AI platforms due to its meticulous development process ensuring top-notch performance. Unlike ChatGPT4, Caira excels in relevance to family law, delivers swift and accurate responses, cites case law and statutes precisely, and interacts naturally, akin to human mannerisms.

Not merely a tool for parents, Caira extends support to legal professionals including solicitors, barristers, and judges. With its wealth of diverse perspectives and legal precedents, it aids in various tasks, from predicting outcomes to preparing for cross-examinations, resembling the indispensability of a calculator to a mathematician or a grammar/spell checker to an editor.

Prioritizing privacy aligns with the Courts and Tribunal Judiciary's recent guidance on AI use by judicial office holders. During the beta phase, conversations on Caira's platform remain unrecorded and inaccessible to third parties. The commitment includes not using conversations to train AI models, share information externally, or permit third-party access to conversations.

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