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Browne Jacobson welcomes Alice Wheatley, Chantice Kyle, and Georgina Hall Solicitors to the education team

Browne Jacobson welcomes Alice Wheatley, Chantice Kyle, and Georgina Hall Solicitors to the education team


The firm expands its education practice with three newly-qualified solicitors, reinforcing its commitment to client service

Browne Jacobson's education practice sees continued growth with the addition of three newly-qualified solicitors to its team. Alice Wheatley, Chantice Kyle, and Georgina Hall bring their expertise to support the firm's diverse range of education clients, including schools, academies, and further and higher education institutions.

Based at the firm's Nottingham and Manchester offices, Alice, Chantice, and Georgina will play integral roles in providing legal and HR services to education clients. Chantice's transition from nursing to law reflects her dedication to community service, particularly in supporting schools on pastoral matters and special educational needs.

Alice, along with Georgina, aims to make a difference in policy changes and day-to-day pastoral issues affecting schools. Their collective passion for enhancing the educational landscape aligns with Browne Jacobson's values of inclusivity and collaboration.

Georgina's diverse background, including experience in university student recruitment and higher education complaints handling, enriches the team's capabilities. Mark Blois, Head of Education at Browne Jacobson, emphasises the importance of nurturing young talent to sustain the firm's market-leading position in education law.

The addition of Alice and Georgina marks part of Browne Jacobson's broader recruitment strategy, with ten newly-qualified solicitors joining various practice areas. This influx of talent underscores the firm's commitment to providing comprehensive legal services across sectors, ensuring clients receive expert guidance and support.

ceive expert guidance and support.