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BRM law firm unveils refreshed brand following significant growth and expansion

BRM law firm unveils refreshed brand following significant growth and expansion


South Yorkshire and Derbyshire-based BRM law firm reveals new brand identity post notable expansion and developments

BRM, a prominent law firm in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, proudly introduces its updated brand following a period of substantial growth. The firm's fresh identity encompasses a new logo, revised company values, and an updated tagline, aligning with its culture and expanded legal services.

This rebranding initiative comes on the heels of office expansions, targeted organizational growth, and strategic high-profile appointments at BRM. The firm recently added 3000 square feet to its Steel City House office in Sheffield, accompanied by a quarter-million-pound refurbishment of its Chesterfield office on Saltergate.

Adrian Sheehan, Executive Director at BRM, expressed enthusiasm about the new era signaled by the brand. He emphasized that the updated identity mirrors BRM as a forward-thinking, innovative, and trusted organization, in line with its core values.

Notably, the rebrand includes the launch of a new website, providing a comprehensive reflection of BRM's culture and the diverse legal services it offers nationally.

A significant shift is the removal of the term 'solicitors' from the firm's name. Going forward, BRM will be recognized simply as 'BRM.' Sheehan highlighted that the brand is now strong enough to stand alone, emphasizing BRM's embedded presence in both the corporate world and the community.

The firm, proud of its role as a pillar within the community, maintains various charity and sporting partnerships in the region. Sheehan expressed excitement about continuing these partnerships under the new brand.

BRM's recent expansion has led to the recruitment of over 20 new team members in the last six months, marking a 70% increase in staff numbers over the last four years.

Rob Woodhead, Executive Director at BRM, underscored the firm's commitment to providing a fantastic environment for individuals to advance their legal careers. He emphasized the pride the firm takes in recruiting and retaining local talent.

Paul Berresford, Executive Director at BRM, highlighted that the updated identity reflects a modern and simple image, aligning with the firm's commitment to being a leading employer and delivering industry-leading legal services.

Long-term client Piers Slater, Founder and Chief Executive of Reef Group, expressed confidence that BRM's new brand identity will continue to attract clients valuing high-quality legal representation.

In essence, BRM's rebranding represents not only its rich history and commitment to excellence but also signals an exciting future and a new era for the law firm.

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