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BonelliErede enhances Healthcare & Life Sciences team

BonelliErede enhances Healthcare & Life Sciences team


BonelliErede welcomes Daria Ghidoni, former Recordati S.p.A. General Counsel, to strengthen Healthcare & Life Sciences Team

BonelliErede, a prominent law firm, has recently announced the appointment of Daria Ghidoni as Of Counsel and a member of its Healthcare & Life Sciences Focus Team at the firm's Milan headquarters.

Daria Ghidoni brings over two decades of valuable experience to the team, having served as a high-ranking manager in the legal department at Recordati S.p.A., an international pharmaceutical group listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Until 2023, she held the position of Group General Counsel and played key roles in the Executive Leadership Team, as the secretary of the Board of Directors, and as a member of important committees like Control, Risk, and Sustainability, as well as Remuneration and Appointments.

Daria Ghidoni is a seasoned professional in navigating the complex legal landscape of the pharmaceutical sector, possessing extensive knowledge of regulatory frameworks in Italy, the European Union, and other jurisdictions, including the USA. Throughout her career, she has successfully managed various intricate mergers and acquisitions, licensing deals, and multijurisdictional litigation.