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Blandy & Blandy's Legal Expertise Paves the Way for Co-op Live's Grand Opening

Blandy & Blandy's Legal Expertise Paves the Way for Co-op Live's Grand Opening


Blandy & Blandy played a crucial role in securing Co-op Live's licensing, paving the way for its grand opening

In a significant milestone for Manchester's entertainment landscape, Co-op Live, set to be the UK's largest live entertainment arena, is gearing up for its grand opening on April 23, 2024. Behind this landmark achievement lies the legal expertise of Thames Valley-based law firm Blandy & Blandy, which provided pivotal advice throughout the licensing process.

The Co-op Live arena, a joint venture between Oak View Group and City Football Group, is poised to host a slew of globally renowned artists, including Take That, Nicki Minaj, and Peter Kay, along with major events like the 2024 MTV EMAs. Its strategic location opposite Manchester City's stadium on the Etihad Campus adds to its allure.

The journey to obtaining Co-op Live's Premises Licence was no easy feat. Blandy & Blandy's involvement spanned over 18 months, during which they meticulously guided the venue through the application process, navigated hearings, and liaised with Responsible Authorities. Despite opposition from competitors like ASM Global/AO Arena, Manchester, the firm's steadfast support ensured Co-op Live's licensing success.

Sue Dowling, a partner at Blandy & Blandy renowned for her expertise in venue licensing, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome, emphasizing the dedication of the entire team and the support received from stakeholders. Her sentiments were echoed by Sonny Mallet, Senior Vice President of Oak View Group International, who lauded Blandy & Blandy's role in securing the Premises Licence, citing their speed, clarity, and professionalism.

The granting of Co-op Live's Premises Licence marks not only a legal triumph but also a significant cultural and economic milestone for Manchester. As the countdown to its opening continues, the stage is set for Co-op Live to carve its place among the world's premier entertainment venues, thanks in no small part to the expertise and dedication of Blandy & Blandy.

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