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Blacks Solicitors strengthens commercial dispute resolution team with four key appointments

Blacks Solicitors strengthens commercial dispute resolution team with four key appointments


Blacks Solicitors expands its Commercial Dispute Resolution team, adding Alannah Crux, , Christopher Connell, and Michelle Eyre

Blacks Solicitors, a prominent legal firm, is making significant strides in enhancing its Commercial Dispute Resolution (CDR) team with the strategic appointment of three new Solicitors and a Chartered Legal Executive. The newly appointed members, Alannah Crux, Victoria Tynan, Christopher Connell, and Michelle Eyre, signify a vital addition to the firm's expertise in various legal domains.

Alannah Crux has joined the Holiday & Home Parks team, aiming to fortify their proficiency and maintain a specialized position in the market. Christopher Connell, with a keen interest in dynamic litigation areas like cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and AI-related disputes, aligns with Blacks' commitment to staying at the forefront of legal innovation.

Michelle Eyre brings her expertise to the Real Estate Litigation team, focusing on a broad range of commercial landlord and tenant matters. Victoria Tynan, supporting Ian Scobbie in the Insolvency team, is set to contribute to Blacks Solicitors' comprehensive approach to handling intricate legal challenges in the insolvency sector.

Luke Patel, Partner and Head of Commercial Dispute Resolution, expressed confidence in the growth of the CDR team, citing increased demand due to economic uncertainty and political factors. Patel emphasized the team's collaborative approach, working closely with other firm teams to deliver integrated, high-quality services.

Christopher Connell, commenting on his appointment, highlighted Blacks Solicitors' reputation, diverse services, and positive workplace culture as motivating factors. Patel concluded by expressing optimism about the impact the new team members will have on client offerings and cross-team collaboration, aligning with the firm's vision for the future.