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Bevan Brittan surpasses 100 colleagues in Leeds

Bevan Brittan surpasses 100 colleagues in Leeds


Legal Director Helen Feinson propels Bevan Brittan's Leeds team to over 100 colleagues, showcasing rapid regional growth

Bevan Brittan, the national law firm, achieves a milestone with over 100 colleagues in its Leeds office, propelled by the recent addition of Legal Director Helen Feinson. The Leeds team, established in 2015 with 10 colleagues, has rapidly expanded to 110 members, including 14 partners. The appointment of Helen Feinson, a subsidy control and public procurement specialist with over a decade of experience, emphasizes Bevan Brittan's commitment to growth and client service. Lyndon Campbell, Head of the Leeds office, foresees continued expansion in response to the growing client base and increasing work opportunities.