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Bevan Brittan donates record £100,000 to local organisations in Pre-Christmas boost

Bevan Brittan donates record £100,000 to local organisations in Pre-Christmas boost


National law firm Bevan Brittan generously supports four local charities with £25,000 each

In a heartwarming gesture ahead of the festive season, Bevan Brittan, a national law firm, has generously donated £100,000 to support local charities and not-for-profit organizations. This significant donation, the largest single contribution the firm has ever made, will be shared equally among four deserving entities.

The firm's fundraisers, operating across its four offices, have dedicated their efforts throughout the year to assist these chosen charities, extending support through various activities, including volunteering initiatives.

The selected organizations set to benefit from this substantial donation include:

  • InUnity in Birmingham, a not-for-profit organization that provides support and opportunities for young people in the city. Bevan Brittan is also backing the organization's 'socks and chocs' Christmas appeal.
  • The 1625 Independent People charity in Bristol, dedicated to aiding young individuals experiencing homelessness, leaving care, or at risk of homelessness in the South West.
  • Leeds Women's Aid, an organization focused on offering support to victims of domestic violence and abuse. The donation will facilitate the creation of a dedicated space for young individuals in their refuge.
  • The Talent Tap in London, a social mobility charity empowering access to professional industries, thereby enhancing employment prospects for individuals.

Mark Calverley, Partner and Head of Community Engagement at Bevan Brittan, expressed immense satisfaction about the increased support being offered to these nominated charities. He emphasized the importance of aiding these organizations, especially during a time when fundraising has been constrained due to economic challenges.

Calverley stated, "This pre-Christmas boost will hopefully enable each organization to do even more to support people in the local community across the festive season."

This year's remarkable donation of £100,000 signifies a 25% increase from Bevan Brittan's previous record donation of £80,000 in 2022, underlining the firm's continued commitment to making a meaningful impact within local communities.