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Berris Law strengthens legal expertise with two senior appointments

Berris Law strengthens legal expertise with two senior appointments


The firm appoints Suraj Vasdev and Jose Grayson as Heads of Departments

Berris Law LLP, a leading law firm based in West London, has made significant strides in bolstering its legal expertise with the appointment of two distinguished professionals to head key departments. Suraj Vasdev takes the reins as Head of the Crime department, while Jose Grayson assumes leadership of the Mental Health Law department.

Suraj Vasdev brings a wealth of experience to his role as Head of Crime, having established himself as a prominent criminal defence lawyer with a focus on handling cases involving serious offenses. With a background in advising individuals accused of crimes such as murder, rape, complex fraud, and drug-related offenses, Vasdev's expertise spans the entire spectrum of criminal litigation. His experience extends from initial police investigations to representation in Magistrates, Crown Court, and Court of Appeal proceedings.

In parallel, Jose Grayson joins Berris Law as the Head of Mental Health Law, transitioning from his role at specialist boutique firm MCK Solicitors. With over two decades of experience as a duty solicitor and Higher Rights court advocate, Grayson brings a deep understanding of mental health law to his new position. His practice encompasses a wide range of matters, including challenges against detention under the Mental Health Act, representation in Mental Health Tribunals, and advising on Community Treatment Orders and Guardianship issues.

Julian Hayes, Senior Partner at Berris Law LLP, expressed enthusiasm for the appointments, highlighting the significant contributions Vasdev and Grayson are expected to make to the firm's renowned reputation. Hayes underscored the firm's unwavering commitment to providing professional legal assistance to society's most vulnerable individuals, emphasizing the importance of access to justice in the face of challenges within the legal aid system.

The addition of Suraj Vasdev and Jose Grayson to Berris Law LLP reflects the firm's dedication to maintaining excellence in legal representation and upholding the rights of all individuals to fair and dedicated legal counsel, irrespective of their circumstances.