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Bellevue Law marks 10-year milestone with debut impact report

Bellevue Law marks 10-year milestone with debut impact report


The firm commemorates its decade-long journey by unveiling its inaugural Impact Report, a testament to its unwavering commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices

As the boutique law firm celebrates its 10-year anniversary, it proudly joins the esteemed B Corp community, solidifying its dedication to fostering a positive impact on society and the environment.

Since 2014, Bellevue Law has been steadfast in conducting business with integrity, placing ethical practices at the core of its ethos. The firm's noteworthy track record of ethical conduct led to its distinction as the first UK law firm accredited by the Good Business Charter in 2020.

Florence Brocklesby, Principal at Bellevue Law, expressed the firm's commitment to leading the charge in responsible business practices. She highlighted significant achievements, including participation in initiatives such as the #Forthe100 campaign and undergoing its second greenhouse gas emissions audit to uphold transparency and environmental stewardship.

Florence Brocklesby emphasized that obtaining B Corp status is merely one milestone in the firm's journey towards ensuring a positive impact on its people, communities, and the planet. Bellevue Law has outlined ambitious goals for the future, including setting targets for social and environmental performance, implementing socially responsible investment options in staff pension plans, and donating 2% of pre-tax profits to charitable causes.

Among its environmental commitments, Bellevue Law aims to reduce emissions per team member by 50% from 2022 levels by 2030.

The publication of the Impact Report serves as a benchmark for measuring Bellevue Law's progress and underscores its ongoing dedication to fostering a more sustainable and just world.