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Bellevue Law attains B Corp Certification: pioneering ethical legal practices

Bellevue Law attains B Corp Certification: pioneering ethical legal practices


Bellevue Law, a boutique law firm established in 2014 with a focus on flexible and agile working, celebrates its recent achievement of B Corp certification

B Corp Certification recognises businesses that meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency, affirming Bellevue Law's dedication to ethical conduct across its operations.

Prior to certification, Bellevue Law demonstrated a strong commitment to ethical business practices:

  • It was the first law firm in the UK to receive accreditation from the Good Business Charter.
  • The firm excelled in a trial of the Law Firm Maturity Index (LFMI) benchmarking tool, showcasing its high level of maturity and responsibility as an employer.
  • Bellevue Law is renowned for its work on culture, discrimination, and equality matters, advocating for clients within the legal sector.

Bellevue Law achieved a notable B Impact score of 88.6 points, well above the required 80 points for certification. This milestone places Bellevue Law among the esteemed ranks of only 15 B Corp-certified law firms in the UK.

Florence Brocklesby, founder of Bellevue Law, expresses pride in the firm's B Corp certification, emphasising its alignment with the firm's values and commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. She acknowledges the dedication and resources invested in achieving certification, emphasising its profound benefits for the firm, its employees, and clients.

Brocklesby views B Corp certification as just the beginning of Bellevue Law's journey towards enhancing its positive impact on people, communities, and the planet. The firm sets ambitious targets for further improvement, reflecting its ongoing commitment to ethical leadership and responsible business practices.

Bellevue Law's certification further enriches the landscape of ethical legal services, contributing to a broader movement of B Corp-certified businesses striving for a more sustainable and equitable future.