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Barristers and Judges 29% gender pay gap

Barristers and Judges 29% gender pay gap


Analysis by uncovers disparities in earnings, with barristers and judges leading the list

A recent study conducted by has shed light on the occupations in the UK with the most significant differences in hourly earnings between men and women, commonly known as the gender pay gap. Delving into data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), researchers examined median hourly earnings for both genders across various professions to uncover disparities.

Topping the list are barristers and judges, where female counterparts earn a staggering £8.31 less per hour than their male counterparts, translating to a 29.1% pay gap. Financial managers and directors closely follow, with women earning approximately £11.56 less per hour, marking a 28.8% pay gap in this occupation.

Further down the ranking, web design professionals, production supervisors, and vehicle technicians also exhibit substantial disparities in earnings, highlighting systemic issues across various sectors.

A spokesperson for commented on the findings, noting the prevalence of gender pay gaps even in high-paying and prestigious roles. They highlighted the importance of raising awareness and advocating for change in industries where disparities persist, emphasising the need for comprehensive pay reviews to address these inequalities.

The study serves as a call to action for employers and policymakers to address systemic issues contributing to gender pay gaps across different sectors. As awareness grows, it is hoped that meaningful steps will be taken to ensure equitable compensation for all workers, regardless of gender.