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Barrister Peter Wareing disbarred for professional misconduct

Barrister Peter Wareing disbarred for professional misconduct


An independent disciplinary tribunal has ordered the disbarment of barrister Peter Wareing following findings of professional misconduct

The tribunal, which concluded on April 26, 2024, upheld charges brought by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) against Wareing. The charges stemmed from his actions during a period of suspension from practice between July 2021 and January 2022. Despite being suspended, Wareing accepted instructions to represent clients and appeared in court, holding himself out as a barrister.

A BSB spokesperson emphasised the importance of barristers upholding integrity and complying with disciplinary orders. They highlighted the risks posed to public confidence in the profession and the potential harm to clients when such orders are flouted.

The tribunal's decision to disbar Wareing reflects the seriousness of his misconduct and the repeated nature of his failure to comply with regulatory obligations. However, the decision is subject to appeal.

Peter Wareing was called to the Bar of England and Wales by Inner Temple in October 2004.

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