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Bar Standards Board unveils data and intelligence strategy 2024–2027

Bar Standards Board unveils data and intelligence strategy 2024–2027


The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has taken a significant step forward by releasing its Data and Intelligence Strategy for the years 2024–2027

Recognising the pivotal role of effective data and intelligence in fulfilling its regulatory responsibilities, the BSB aims to harness these assets to enhance its operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Central to the BSB's ethos is the belief that data and intelligence serve as essential tools for enabling agile, evidence-led, and risk-based regulatory practices. By leveraging data-driven insights, the BSB not only strengthens its policymaking endeavours but also ensures transparency by regularly disseminating key data concerning developments within the legal sector and the regulator's own performance and decision-making processes.

As the BSB approaches the culmination of its 2022–2025 Strategic Plan, it acknowledges the indispensable role of data and intelligence capabilities in its operations. Looking ahead to the forthcoming Strategic Plan from 2025 onwards, the newly unveiled Data & Intelligence Strategy is poised to serve as a cornerstone, laying the groundwork for the BSB's commitments and strategic objectives.

Outlined within the strategy document are the BSB's vision, objectives, and a comprehensive implementation roadmap for the next three years. By articulating its aspirations and delineating clear pathways for action, the BSB aims to fortify its data and intelligence infrastructure, thereby empowering itself to achieve its strategic goals effectively.

The strategy underscores the BSB's commitment to continual improvement and responsiveness to evolving regulatory challenges. By fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making and leveraging intelligence insights, the BSB endeavours to enhance its regulatory efficacy and uphold the highest standards of professional conduct within the legal profession.