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BakeAway vows to pursue supreme court appeal following dismissal by court of appeal

BakeAway vows to pursue supreme court appeal following dismissal by court of appeal


Jan Boers, Managing Director at BakeAway, voices the company's disappointment with the Court of Appeal's ruling, reaffirming the belief in the necessity of innovation and investment in the pastry and dough category

BakeAway expresses disappointment over the Court of Appeal's decision to dismiss its appeal against the Competition Appeal Tribunal's judgment. The company clarifies that it intends to appeal to the Supreme Court, thereby delaying any sale process until the resolution of the matter.

Despite the setback, BakeAway maintains its stance that the proposed transaction would foster innovation and enhance price competitiveness in the UK consumer market. The company emphasizes its commitment to acquiring Jus-Rol, a move that it believes would bring much-needed investment to the pastry and dough sector.

Jan Boers highlights BakeAway's efforts to align with the UK government's growth agenda by acquiring the Jus-Rol brand and relocating production to a new facility in Corby.

Jan Boers underscores BakeAway's vision to revolutionize the market through the amalgamation of its pastry and dough expertise with the reputable Jus-Rol brand.

Pending further developments from the Supreme Court, BakeAway refrains from providing additional comments on the ongoing legal proceedings. The company remains focused on pursuing its appeal and advocating for its strategic objectives in the UK consumer market.