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Solaris Law created by Azzurro Associates

Solaris Law created by Azzurro Associates


Azzurro's acquisition forms Solaris Law, merging Equivo, Shoosmiths, and Azzurro Law into a powerhouse debt recovery firm

In a strategic move that positions Azzurro Associates as a major player in the debt recovery landscape, the firm has announced the creation of Solaris Law. This new venture is set to become one of the largest consumer and commercial collections and legal debt recovery businesses in the UK.

The inception of Solaris Law follows Azzurro's successful acquisition of Equivo's Legal Services division and Shoosmiths' Business-to-Business Recoveries division. Pending regulatory approvals, the completion of this agreement will mark the formal launch of Solaris Law.

Solaris Law will amalgamate consumer and commercial debt recovery teams from Equivo, Shoosmiths, and Azzurro Law, establishing a singular brand to streamline and enhance services. The new entity is expected to employ over 150 staff across three locations initially, underscoring its substantial operational scale.

Notably, Equivo's Field Team and High Court Enforcement Business will remain separate and continue operations under the Equivo brand with CEO John Ingram.

What makes Solaris Law particularly compelling is the reunification of esteemed industry leaders within its leadership team. Karen Bulgarelli, Mel Chell, and Jim Taylor, who have previously collaborated at Shoosmiths, are set to play pivotal roles.

Karen Bulgarelli and Mel Chell will assume the roles of joint Chief Executive Officers, leveraging Karen's expertise in commercial credit and Mel's specialization in asset-based lending and motor finance. Jim Taylor will act as an advisor, bringing his experience in managing secured and unsecured consumer lending clients.

The Co-CEOs share a vision focused on creating better outcomes for all stakeholders. Karen emphasizes a data-driven, customer-focused recoveries strategy that leads to positive customer outcomes and, in turn, provides clients with an enhanced service.

Mel Chell highlights Solaris Law's uniqueness in offering complete service lines across the entire credit lifecycle. From early and live collections to recoveries, litigation, and beyond, the teams will deliver comprehensive services for creditors involved in both consumer and commercial lending, secured and unsecured.

During the transition of Equivo and Shoosmiths teams to Solaris Law, efforts will be made to maintain client contacts, ensuring continuity in service. The use of a common case management platform across all parties and planned investments in additional systems and infrastructure are indicative of Solaris Law's commitment to operational efficiency and excellence.

Founder of the Azzurro Group, Andrew Birkwood, expresses confidence in the combined teams' ability to deliver significant economies of scale. With strength, agility, and investment from the Azzurro Group, he envisions Solaris Law as a formidable, data-driven business with a collaborative leadership team aligned in vision, culture, and values.

Regulated by both the Financial Conduct Authority and the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the Azzurro Group has positioned itself as a pioneer, being the first non-lender to sign up to the Lending Standards Board’s Code for Business Standards. This commitment to industry standards reinforces the integrity and reliability of Solaris Law in the field of debt recovery. As Solaris Law prepares to make its mark, it emerges as a compelling force in the evolving landscape of consumer and commercial recoveries.

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