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Axiom Ince acquires Plexus

Axiom Ince acquires Plexus


Axiom Ince has acquired Plexus Legal, which was previously in administration, for an undisclosed sum, the firm announced on 7 July.

Headquartered in Leeds, Plexus is an insurance-focused defence firm with a national footprint which specialises in the handling and litigation of insurance claims. Plexus Legal has six offices across England, while Plexus North, which was also acquired, has an office in Edinburgh.

Axiom Ince is the combined legal entity of Axiom and Ince & Co after the former acquired the latter from administration in May. 

Axiom Ince said in a press release that the deal safeguards 540 jobs without the need for redundancies, and adds to the 359 lawyers and 442 other staff already at Axiom Ince.

Commenting on the acquisition, Pragnesh Modhwadia, Axiom Ince's Global CEO, said: “We are excited to have the Plexus family join our fast-growing legal services business. This acquisition cements our commitment to further growth whilst safeguarding jobs and looking after client interests in increasingly turbulent financial and legal markets. We look forward to welcoming our new Plexus colleagues and working closely with them.  We would also like to thank the team at Interpath Advisory for their stellar work in delivering this complex transaction as quickly as they have.”